Opening of New Cooperation between Shantui and China Poly Group
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21 March, 2020

Shantui equipment was successfully shipped to an overseas military project of China Poly Group recently, symbolizing the opening of new cooperation between two parties in terms of products and services. 

China Poly Group is a large-scale state-owned enterprise that has established a development pattern in international trade, real estate development, engineering services, arts and crafts raw materials & products operation services, culture and arts operation, civil explosive production, sales, and service, and financial services, with the business scope covering nearly 100 countries worldwide and over 100 cities in China. China Poly Group is a highly potential customer exploited by Shantui (Beijing) Company and is one important future partner of Shantui.

In 2019, Shantui (Beijing) Company discussed with China Poly Group on the all-round cooperation of overseas project equipment procurement, performed multiple communications on the overseas military project, invited frontline project personnel to Shantui for investigation and visit, and successfully concluded the bulldozer cooperation for this project. The first batch of concluded procurement contract includes three SD16 bulldozers and a batch of spare parts. This contract also include deeper level cooperation such as training of overseas military representatives at Shantui’s facility and field training and lecturing by Shantui’s dispatched service experts. 

This cooperation is oriented on mutual benefits and win-win and this project is most representative among the numerous civilian goods projects of China Poly Group. The successful implementation of Shantui projects and services in this project will surely accumulate experiences for the implementation of other projects and also certainly promote the influence of Shantui brand in overseas military domain. It’s more important that this cooperation will initiate new deep cooperation between two parties in terms of equipment procurement, service support, and market exploitation.